Romain Simon on SaaS & tech Blog About Resume

I'm a product-oriented & hands-on CTO with 8+ years experience building SaaS in Javascript


Founder, Beanvest

From 2021
Beanvest is an investment portfolio tracker that tracks 250k+ assets including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies
  • I'm bootstrapping Beanvest from scratch as a solo-founder

Tech stack: Vue.js (Nuxt + Tailwind) / Node.js (Express) / MongoDB / Digital Ocean

Freelance Software Developer

  • MerciApp(2021) : Developped an Enterprise API using Node.js (Express.js), Redis and Sequelize including all API routes (authentication with JWT, Joi validations, rate limit, ...), unit tests with Jest and coverage calculation, public documentation (ApiDoc)

Founder & CTO, Datananas

2014 - 2021 (acquired by Sarbacane in 2020)
I created Datananas in 2014 as a solo founder and then boostrapped the company from 0 to 15k€ MRR. In 2016, I was joined by a late-cofounder and we grew the team to 20+ people after raising a 1M€ seed round. In 2018, we received a cease and desist from LinkedIn and had to pivot to a new product. Following these headwinds, we had to downscale the team to 10 people, and then 5 in 2019. Tech team was only one developer and me, but we managed to switch to a more product-led growth strategy and reach profitability again. Datananas was aqcuired by Sarbacane in 2020, and I remained CTO of the company until June 2021. My responsibilities as a founder & CTO included the following:
  • Full-stack development during 7+ years (Vue.js, Node.js, ...) first as solo-founder and then as hands-on CTO
  • Hiring & management of 1 to 8 software engineers using agile methodology (JIRA) + product team (design, marketing, ...)
  • Maintaining high-testing standards (e2e & unit tests with >90% coverage) and code quality (code reviews, lint, ...)
  • Keeping a consistent 0-bug backlog with fast resolution time (~3 days average)
  • Product and design: defining the roadmap, meeting users expectations, mock-ups, etc...
  • Code architecture, deploying code to production (CI/CD) and maintaining infrastructure (AWS, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, ...)
  • Conducting external security yearly reviews, helping our sales team closing enterprise-grade customers

Tech stack: Vue.js / Node.js (Express) / MongoDB / Redis / RabbitMQ / AWS

CEO Right-hand, Big Moustache

2013 (6-month internship + freelance)
I joined Big Moustache as first intern to help the founder with marketing, software development, support, and day-to-day operations. After my internship, I kept working as a freelance developer for the company to build Facebook apps for lead generation.
  • Marketing: Facebook Ads, Adwords, social media management, street marketing, ...
  • Software engineering: developped 15+ Facebook contest apps (JS, PHP) for building marketing lists and social media engagement, helped develop and maintain the e-commerce website (.NET) - Design: webdesign, integration, print, ...
  • Kept working as a freelancer after internship to develop more Facebook apps

Business developer, Multiposting

2012-2013 (6-month internship + freelance)
Multiposting was a fast-growing SaaS company for HR I joined to help with Marketing and managing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Product: developped the Adrecruiter product, assisted sales team to sell/upgrade enterprise customers (10-100k€ budget)
  • SEM: Managed a portfolio of 200k€ Adwords campaigns for customers, issued guidelines and implemented them
  • Project Management: deployed software for new customers in US, UK, Canada and Poland in relation with C-levels & HR
  • Email marketing and lead generation

Webmarketing assistant, DPSO Conseil

2011 (intern) and 2013 (contract)
I joined this webmarketing agency for my first work experience. Later in 2013, I worked for the company again as a contractor during a few months.
  • Marketing: SEO, social media, Facebook ads, affiliation, email marketing, ... for customers
  • E-commerce: migrated customer to Prestashop, created Wordpress e-commerce , managing products, ...
  • Software development (PHP) : Facebook apps, integrating payement solutions, modified e-commerce websites, build different tools (clean email lists, Mailchimp integration, etc...)
  • Webdesign: banners, email marketing, ...


  • MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, SKEMA Business School (2010-2014)
  • Exchange, Copenhagen Business School (2012)
  • Licence 2 in Applied Mathematics, University of Nice (2009-2010)
  • Maths sup / Maths spé (PCSI / PC), Centre International de Valbonne & Lycée les Eucalyptus (2007-2008)
  • Baccalauréat S, Lycée de Beauregard (2007)


  • Fluent in French, English and Javascript :)

You can contact me on LinkedIn or via email: CLICK TO REVEAL MY EMAIL