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"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Thomas Edison

2005Hackers ChallengerunningKnorc's Hacker's Challenge was a puzzle, programming, and hacking challenge before CTF challenges existed
2006?AerodynamitecanceledAerodynamite was a 3D game that allowed you to pilot a Mirage 2000 with realistic physics
2008Psychomoteur DECADIcanceledThis was my real first attempt at selling software. I built software to train for the "Pilotes Cadet d'Air France"'s selection exam, and more specifically its psychomotor test. Unfortunately, the recruitment was canceled the year after I built the software, so I never sold it even though it was working. There is still a short and buggy demo video on Youtube
2009MiuweecanceledThis was my attempt at building a legal movie streaming service. At the time, Deezer and Spotify started to emerge with freemium models, but there were still a lot an illegal streaming websites for movies so I wanted to create a sort of Netflix before Netflix. I wrote a very detailed Business Plan, started experimenting with the tech, contacted an incubator, and started writing a blog about cinema. I then stopped working on it because the tech was too complicated at the time and it would have been a real pain to get access to movie catalogues.
2010How evil are you?closedHow evil are you? was a Facebook app inspired by the Purity test. I thought the app would get viral and attempted to generate revenue from ads but I only got a few thousand users.
2011HighnimalcanceledHighnimal was a pet social network started during my first Startup Weekend
2011Social VouchercanceledSocial Voucher was a Prestashop addon that would give your e-commerce website's customers a discount when they share what they bought with their friends on Facebook. The addon was working but I never sold it.
2012Ebook SeductionclosedThis was a website selling . It generated me some passive revenue with referral links, but the website closed when I forgot to renew the domain name.
2013Formation PhotoshopcanceledI started recording myself giving Photoshop courses because I thought it would generate passive revenue quite easily. I eventually got bored and did not release it, even thought I had the website.
2014-2021DatananasacquiredDatananas is a sales engagement software for salespeople. When I started it, it was a Chrome addon that would scrape prospects on LinkedIn and guess their corporate email address using an algorithm. The company has been acquired by Sarbacane in 2020. was a directory of all french Youtube channels by category, because I wanted a way to easily find new interesting Youtube channels. You could also see subscribers statistics and track the largest Youtube channels.
2021BeanvestrunningBeanvest is a stock portfolio performance tracker for investors