Romain Simon - SaaS & tech
Diclaimer: I am not speaking as myself in the third person to be presumptuous, but only to rank on Google for "Romain Simon" 😁

Who is Romain Simon?

Romain Simon is a SaaS entrepreneur an currently CTO of Datananas. You can check my profile and connect with me on LinkedIn

What projects am I working on?

I am fully focused on building Datananas, which is a sales engagement software I started in 2014.

I am deeply (no joke) interested in Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms. When I have some freetime (not much), I am developping Neuroevolution which is a Javascript implementation of the NEAT algorithm (Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies) working with Tensorflow.js

Here are some of the other things I previously built for fun (and not so profit). You can alternatively browse my Github for more random useless stuff

About this blog

I built this blog with Gridsome and am hosting it on Netlify

Romain Simon