Best Of uses for white space redesign on Google+

Yesterday, Google implemented a new interface for Google+.
At first, it seemed nice, but I quickly noticed a problem and posted about it : there was a large part of the screen which was empty for some resolution.

The funny thing is that Google did an epic fail an lot of users started to have fun about this with the hashtags #whitespace and #usesforwhitespace
Anyone tried to figure out a way to use this white space, and some of them are really epic.

This is the first time I see a meme created on Google+, so that fail may have had a postitive impact for Google+.
Usually, this kind of conversation and contest on how will make the funniest picture happens in Twitter.

Here’s a Best Of if you missed that :

Multiscreen whitespace by +Terrell Clark

Sticky notes whitespace by +Michelle Marie

Cat whitespace by +Eric Tamez

Xray whitespace by +Josh Kupke

Flower whitespace by +Christian Martel

Bacon whitespace by +John Evans (WTF !)

and finally +Wes Lum found a solution :

If you want a real solution to fix this, and you don’t want to wait an update from the Google team, +Sebastian Mauer created a Chrome extension called GExtend

Some users collected all of them, so if you have some time to spend you can see the entire #whitespace meme collection here

PS : I now wear a very cool mustache on Google+. Let’s call it a Plustache.

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